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8 Reasons Your Credit Union
Should Use CheckAlt RDC Now!

  1. CheckAlt RDC is check capture:It’s what we do. It’s all we do and we do it very well. Our total focus on check capture technology means you have a singular product of the highest quality and a system that works for you, 24/7.
  2. CheckAlt RDC is easily integrated into your Credit Union’s core processing system, an important item-processing add-on that easily meshes with the existing data flow and capture.
  3. CheckAlt RDC is secure. Our security is in place, with the highest of encryption standards. Our SASE/SAS 70 Compliance is on the record and available for inspection.
  4. CheckAlt RDC is accurate. Using the latest in OCR technology, our best in class products offer the highest clear rate and the lowest adjustment rate, saving you both time and money in dealing with non-compliant X9 images.
  5. CheckAlt RDC is scalable, from branch level scanning to teller scanning to configurations with multiple branches. Once installed, moving forward is easy.
  6. CheckAlt RDC extracts data as it is scanned, pulling account numbers, routing numbers, and providing a “confidence level” check while simplifying the report-generation process.
  7. CheckAlt RDC implementation is fast and easy, and comes hand-in-hand with our own client-tested training program.
  8. CheckAlt RDC’s software and patents are solely owned by CheckAlt. When you use CheckAlt RDC you’re dealing directly with the principals, who stand solidly behind our product.